Lightning Policy

Implemented 27/9/06

Those associated with Baseball Victoria and its activities should note that the risk of injury from lightning is real, especially for people playing outdoor sports such as baseball.

  • On game day, the Plate Umpires has the responsibility to decide when it is safe to play baseball.
  • During practice, the Club Coach is responsible for deciding when it is safe to be practicing.  In the absence of the Club Coach, the highest ranking present member of the Club Committee is responsible.
  • Play or practice will be suspended when any visible lightning is observed irrespective of the location of the storm or the direction in which it is moving.
  • Players, officials and guests will take shelter in the club rooms or their cars while play is suspended.  The dugouts do not provide appropriate protection.
  • Play will not be resumed until thirty minutes after the last observed lightning strike.
  • Delays to play caused by lightning risk will be considered to be a weather delay in deciding the outcome of a game.


Zero Tolerance Policy

Baseball Victoria and the BUAV will this summer season introduce the concept of Zero Tolerance in order to ensure that Coaches/Managers take a proactive role in eliminating umpire abuse.

In this instance, Zero Tolerance will relate to all ejectable offences that include –

  • Abuse of an umpire
  • Dissent
  • Arguing decisions (balls/strikes etc)

The most significant thing for players, coaches, managers and club officials to note, and for umpires to administer, is the fact that under Zero Tolerance rules, when a player is ejected from a game for one of the above offences, so too is the Head Coach/Manager.

Umpires are advised to meet with the opposing Head Coaches/Managers at the start of each game and make sure that a reminder is provided that Zero Tolerance will be in place for the game. They will also remind Coaches/Managers that in any instance of the above listed offences, if a player is ejected from the game, the Head Coach/Manager will be ejected as well.

Zero Tolerance is being introduced as one of many measures to improve the quality of baseball games in Victoria. The concept has been successfully implemented in other parts of Australia. BV and the BUAV are determined that umpires should not be subject to abuse of any kind including the above offences and now require that umpires enact the Zero Tolerance approach.

BV and the BUAV hope that all club officials, players and coaches will fully support this concept and that as a result there will be no ejections. An additional benefit to this, it is hoped, will be the recruitment and retention of more umpires to the sport.


Code of Conduct:  Players & Coaches


  • Learn the rules and always play to them.
  • Never argue with an umpire, opposition player or official. If you have a problem discuss it amicably.
  • Verbal abuse, swearing and un-sportsmanlike conduct are reportable actions and will not tolerated in baseball.
  • Strive to be the best of your ability at all times, both at practice and during games. This could also include looking after yourself away from the field. The use of alcohol and drugs could no doubt effect your performance while playing.
  • Respect the time and efforts put in by your players, coaches and officials. They deserve your support and full commitment.
  • Baseball is a team game. Encourage your team mates and players even when they make mistakes. Remember every player makes errors and has off days. Never ridicule opponents or team mates.
  • Accept that at times you may be required to take a turn on the bench. When on the bench encourage your team and be prepared to play at all times.
  • Respect your opponents and appreciate their good play. Without the opposition you would not be able to play the game in the first place.
  • Play to enjoy the game and improve your skills.
  • Respect the equipment provided for you, either by the club or your parents. Baseball equipment is very expensive and should be used responsibly. Abuse of equipment, such as throwing bats and helmets, is a reportable act and will not be tolerated.
  • Always think safety, to avoid injury to yourself and others.
  • Set an example. If you want to be treated in a certain manner, then act that way to others. Be encouraging and fair and show respect to everyone, as they too have feelings.


Code of Conduct:  Parents & Spectators


  • Children play baseball for fun. Accept any mistakes as part of their learning process. Remember they are playing for their enjoyment, not yours.
  • Applaud good play from both teams and encourage your child to accept that their best and honest effort is just as important as victory.
  • Encourage the players and coaches to always play within the rules and spirit of the game.
  • To help assist your understanding, learn the rules.
  • Never ridicule, abuse or yell at any player for making a mistake which may change the result of the game.
  • Offensive language and behaviour from parents and spectators is not acceptable under any circumstances and the club concerned should take immediate stern action.
  • Recognise the value and importance of the volunteers assisting. They give their time and effort to provide a safe and fun environment for your child. If you are able, your assistance is always appreciated.
  • Baseball is a team game. Accept that each player will spend time on the bench and have a particular role within the team.
  • Not all players are champions, so if they don't want to play, then don't force them.
  • If you disagree with an official or coach, raise the issue after the game and attempt to resolve the matter amicably.