St Kilda Basbeball Club

Div 3 3rds
--- 1st Semi Final ---                  R  H   E Port Melb   2   4   3 St. More...
Hockey Drive
Albert Park 3206
Victoria  Australia
Tel 0403 369 964
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Sponsors 2012/13

St Kilda Baseball Club is proud to announce and thank our 2012/2013 season sponsors! We in turn support our sponsors and strive to form mutually beneficial, long term relationships. We are serious in our sincere appreciation of the support provided.


Our list of sponsors includes:

Hairy Lemon

Ausball Sports Equipment

Big League Tipping


Cygnet Capital

Dram Fine Whiskies

Duke of Kent Hotel


Gryphon Entertainment

Kliger Partners

Simpatico Wines

St. Kilda Brew

Revolution Personal Training