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Fees & Uniforms

Fees 2015/16 Summer Season

$435 earlybird special before September 13th!


$485 after.

-All players must have paid $100 prior to October 5 or you won't be selected to play!
-All fees regardless must be paid in full by December 20th or you won't be selected again!

Everyone will notice the fees have increased from last season. This decision has not been made lightly, the major reasons behind this are as follows :

• There has been an moderate yearly increase in a number of fixed costs around the club (ground rental, team/player registrations and insurance); 
• Our ground rental charges from Parks Vic are very high ($8k a year - amongst the highest charged to any amatuer baseball club in the counrty!!). This fee is very high when compared to council rates other baseball clubs are paying. Our playing fee structure has not reflected this in the past; 
• We anticipate that there will be small reduction in the number of players this season.

As a committee, over the coming 12 months we will look to strengthen the clubs financial position through a number of efforts, including a more concerted effort to engage local community based sponsorship and other fundraising efforts. 

$100 is due before playing your first game - this covers your league fees we pay on your behalf, and insurance, which is most useful if there's an accident (this has burned players in the recent past not having insurance). The club gets billed by Baseball Victoria for each player’s registration and insurance - so we try to at least get that covered as soon as possible.

This year, we will offer two payment structures to accommodate one-time payments as well as a four-payment schedule. As well, we can take cash, EFT, and Debit or Credit Card (via paypal) payments. Please note, credit and debit card payment incur an additional fee. EFT is preferred!

We're extra flexible in setting up payment arrangements for new players due to the one-off cost of a new uniform.

Fees can be paid on any training nights to:

Peter Smith - Treasurer
Avi Lewis - Secretary
Shaun O'Reilly - President
Nick Wood - Vice President

Preferred method: Internet Deposit
BSB: 633-000
Acc: 150 478 592
Acc Name: St Kilda Baseball Club Inc

Please input your surname into the description field allowing easy identification of payment.

We also now offer PayPal and credit cards as alternative payment options. Note there is a small admin fee added to cover their respective costs.

The Committee will again enforce a No Pay, No Play scheme this year, with a minum of $100 due by the first game of the season. But, if you’re having trouble getting the funds together, speak to one of the committee members to work out a payment scheme, who will work with you to find a way to get you on the diamond!



In addition to the above top, we wear pinstriped pants - white with black pinstripes.

$75 for a uniform top, $65 for pinstriped pants - includes belt and black socks.
Uniforms items must be paid in full. (Cheques accepted).

Tops and pants are available through Ausball. Speak to Ripken
311 Victoria St, Brunswick
Ph 93810074