Summary of Annual General Meeting 2017

Update from the 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Last Monday we held our AGM at the Limerick Arms which saw reflections on the 12 months of great on and off field improvements around the club.

We bid farewell and paid thanks to the leadership and commitment which Shaun O'Reilly has given to the club over the last 4 years in his role as President (2) and Secretary (2).

We thank our outgoing Vice President Nick Wood for his on and of field efforts along and wish him luck with the move back to the USA.

A big thank you goes out to all of those who served on the board over the last 12 months Avinoam Lewis, Sean O'Halloran, Todd Clarkson, Bryan Livett, Jeff Kuhl, Dave Weinberger, Robby Lewis, Justin Ramirez, Matt Tanner, Steve Bowden

Peter Smith provided the financial overview of the club which is improving year upon year thanks to the support of its members and the grants we have been awarded.

We also voted to adopt an updated version of the club constitution (a copy of which is available through the AGM post on our website)

The amount of interest in board roles is very encouraging and is a testament to where we are at as a club.

We are proud to introduce the Board of Directors for 2017/2018

Todd Clarkson - President

Bryan Livett - Vice President

Avi Lewis - Secretary

Peter Smith - Treasurer

Simon Leicht - Board Member

Charles Roe - Board Member

Justin Ramirez - Board Member

Josh Smart - Board Member

Sean O'Halloran - Board Member

Jeff Kuhl - Board Member

If you see these guys around the club, congratulate them and put forward any ideas and feedback you have for your club.