SKBC Annual General Meeting 2017

Hi Sainters!

The date for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the club has been set!

It’s an opportunity for you as a club member to have your say and be part of and vote in the election of the next board of directors

DATE: Monday 3rd July 2017

LOCATION: The Limerick Arms - South Melbourne

TIME: 7:00pm (meeting start time)


  • Presentation of Financial Year 2017 Results
  • Election of new Board of Directors
    • Executive Director Roles - President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer
    • General Director Roles - Senior Coordinator, Junior Coordinator, Internal Club Manager, External Club Manager)
  • Adoption of update to club constitution (see below)

Link to finalised agenda

Nomination for Election of Director Roles

Anyone interested in running for any of the director roles needs to be nominated. Just get two of your fellow members to second you and you are in the running!

Link to SKBC Nomination Form

If you want to know more details about there roles we have developed some basic details which can be adjusted based upon peoples skill set and available time

Link to SKBC Roles & Responsibilities 


Voting at the AGM

Best thing is to vote in person and have your say. If you can't make it you can vote by proxy

Link to SKBC Proxy Voting Form


Adoption of update to Club Constitution

Like all registered sporting clubs St Kilda Baseball Club has a set of governance rules which provides an overall direction for the club, controlling the actions of the Board (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) which should satisfy the legitimate expectations (of its members and its affiliations) of accountability and regulation.

We have chosen to implement an updated constitution document of which is based upon current regulations and is approved by our peak bodies Baseball Australia (BA) and Baseball Victoria (BV).

This constitution is a matter of public record open to all members of the club. During the AGM we will be voting on its adoption so I encourage everyone to have a read.

Link to DRAFT SKBC Constitution

Any questions about the AGM or can be directed to Pete Smith

Come and join your fellow members for one free drink on arrival!


Annual General Meeting FAQ

Q: What happens at an AGM?

A: This meeting happen once a year at which positions on the Board (or Committee) are elected for the coming 2018 year (Summer 2017/2018 and Winter 2018).

Q: What positions are elected at the AGM?

A: The key director positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary along with 4 new positions Junior Co-ordinator, Senior Co-ordinator, Internal Manager, External Manager will be elected. Details of these roles are found here

Q: How does a member indicate they are interested in a role?

A: They have to be nominated by 2 financial members of the club. The nominee also has to accept the nomination. Nomination forms can be found here and must be returned to by 3/06/17.

Q: Can anyone vote?

A: All current financial members of the club, either in Summer 2016/2017 or Winter 2017 may vote. This applies to Senior and Junior members (Juniors must have a parent/guardian vote on their behalf). 

Q: What happens if I want to vote but can’t make the meeting?

A: Proxy voting forms will be available to provide members the opportunity to vote. There will also be a phone conference number to dial into on the night for those who want to participate remotely. Proxy Voting forms can be found here and must be returned to by 1st July 2017.

Q: I want to help the club but are there any other roles available?

A: Yes! The club runs purely on the volunteer time of it’s members. The board will form smaller groups or committees to deal with certain parts of the club and all members are invited to join these committees to help in any way they can. Roles can include (but not limited to) Sponsorship Coordinator, Uniform Coordinator, Digital Communications Coordinator (Website, Social Media, etc), Canteen Coordinator and of course Team Coaching roles.

Q: What happens if I don’t turn up?

A: You miss your opportunity to have your say by voting in the election of the your fellow members who will shape the direction of the club.