St Kilda Basbeball Club

Div 3 3rds
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Hockey Drive
Albert Park 3206
Victoria  Australia
Tel 0403 369 964
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St Kilda Baseball Club is the oldest baseball club in Australia, established in 1879. Based in Albert Park we pride ourselves on our central location, competitive focus, great facilities and vibrant social scene.


New players of all levels are always welcome at the club. We're continuously recruiting players for the Winter 2014 and the upcoming '14/'15 summer competition - junior, men and women players are welcome!



Welcome to Winter 2014!

Winter Week 2 - The Home Opener, this Saturday!

Week 1 produced 3-3 Draws for both teams in close, competitive games. This week we are visited at The Tom by GMBC - there will be plenty of familiar faces sitting in the opposition dugout..... should be fun !

A big Thank You to the tireless few who worked hard last week to significantly clean up the base paths. The field is looking at treat!

If you're interested in joining The Winter Saints ... email


thanks to our sponsors

We'd like to thank the Elephant & Wheelbarrow in St. Kilda for getting aboard this year.

Elephant & Wheelbarrow


hairy lemon... it works

Need a pre-game pick me up or a way to overcome the worst hangovers? Try Hairy Lemon. Simply dissolve a tablet in water... drink... and voila. Works instantly. Hairy Lemon - available from the canteen and beyond.

Hairy Lemon


Summer baseball for kids

Players wanted for the Port Phillip Stingrays - a St Kilda Baseball Club and Port Melbourne Baseball Club joint venture.  Players ages 6 and up are welcome.  Our next season will be the 2014/2015 Summer Season. Please contact us for more details.

Port Philip String Rays

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We're Old. Damn old.

In fact, we're Australia's oldest baseball club ! We recently celebrated our 130th anniversary! During ESPN's coverage of the World Baseball Classic on Dec 12, 2008 (Australia v Mexico), a small tidbit of our club info was shown. Check out the club's history here