Our History

St Kilda has enjoyed rich history within Australian baseball and is steering towards a bright future. The first baseball club to appear in Australia, formed over 130 years ago to play a visiting team from the United States. After a few incarnations it was the St Kilda Baseball Club in the 30's that began a proud tradition in Claxton Shield Baseball, which continued for many years - The social ball in August became a highlight of the Claxton Shield period. Current club member Bill Craske has researched a piece on the club's origins which can be viewed here.

Today, St Kilda Baseball Club is a friendly and fun orientated group. Retaining our tradition of sociability, we are approachable and always welcome all sorts of players, from the beginner to the experienced. Just drop on by to one of our games or training sessions and meet the teams!


Tom O'Halloran's At Bat

With a number of onlookers watching with interest, 80 year-old Life Member Tom O’Halloran took his first At Bat since the nineties in the St Kilda Red vs. Black Derby. Tom, ceased playing full time in the seventies, did maintain at least one At Bat in every decade since 1946 - that’s 7 decades!

Vale Thomas Fredrick O'Halloran, 12/03/1929 - 10/11/2016

OUR Premierships


1921 (2nds)

1921/22 (1sts)

1922/23 (1sts)

1923/24 (1sts)

1926 (1sts)

1926 (2nds)

1926/27 (1sts)

1927/28 (1sts)

1928 (1sts)

1928 (2nds)

1929 (2nds)

1938 Major A (1sts)

1940 B Section Sth Group (2nds)

1942 (2nds)

1948/49 (1sts)

1949 Minor E (3rds)


1952/53 (1sts)

1953 Major A (1sts)

1955/56 (1sts)

1958/59 (1sts)

1968 (3rds)

1969 (2nds)

1970/71 (1sts)

1973 (2nds)

1983/84 Div. 3 (1sts)

1993/94 Div. 4 Res (2nds)

1993/94 U16 Div. 4 Metro West

1994 D Grade (1sts)

1996/97 Women's Div. 1 (1sts)

1997/98 Women's Div. 3 (2nds)

2000/01 Div. 4 (1sts)

2000/01 Women's Div. 2 (1sts)


2002/03 Women's Div. 2 (1sts)

2006/07 Women's Div. 2 (1sts)

2009 D Grade (1sts)

2010 D1 Grade (1sts)

2011/12 Div. 2 Thirds (3rds)

2011/12 Div. 3 (4ths)

2011/12 U12 AAA Minor League West

2012/13 Div. 2 Reserves (2nds)

2015 C Grade (1sts)

2015 C Reserve Grade (2nds)

2015/16 Div. 3 Reserves (2nds)

2015/16 U12 Little League Minor

2016/17 Div. 4 South (3rds)

2017/2018 Div. 4 East

2017/2018 Div. Reserves

Our Ground


Tom O'Halloran

Where We Are

St Kilda Baseball Club is located at Tom O'Halloran's Field - Hockey Drive, Albert Park, approximately 3km from the CBD of Melbourne. SKBC is easily accessible by public transport with St Kilda Rd trams only a 5 minute walk away, Windsor railway station is 10 minutes away and the #96 St Kilda Beach tram from Bourke/Spencer Sts places you just 2-3 minutes away (get off at the Fraser St stop). Car Parking is usually available in close proximity to the field, but be careful of those foul balls!


Our club enjoys the use of a full size playing field (the Tom O’Halloran Field), lovingly cared for by Sean O’Halloran and Parks Victoria. We will continue to have access to recycled water from Albert Park Lake - ensuring our field holds up well if another long hot summer arrives

We also have a substantial pavilion with a canteen providing catered sandwiches, amazing hotdogs and a great selection of beverages The Cox McKenzie pavilion also typically plays host to most of our club social events and provides great views looking out over the skyline of Melbourne.


Parking fees were introduced at Albert Park Reserve on 18 April 2006 by Parks Victoria.

The fees were introduced to make parking fair for the park’s users, minimise its use as a “freebie” for commuters, and return revenue for reinvestment into the park. All vehicles in pay-for-parking areas of the Reserve must purchase a ticket from one of the pay-and-display ticket machines in the park. To avoid parking fines, tickets must be displayed prominently on the dashboard.

Parking fees

Weekday hourly rate:  $5.20 per hour

Weekday after 5pm flat rate:  $5.20 flat rate

Weekends flat rate:  $5.20 per day

Members of our club may also purchase seasonal (6-monthly) parking permits through Parks Victoria by providing a copy of your club registration invoice with the relevant parking form below:  


Parking fines
Parking inspectors are known to give fines to cars along Hockey Drive for not obtaining parking tickets. All members and visitors are encouraged to either obtain the 6 monthly parking permit through Parks Victoria, or to spend $5.20 (flat rate on the weekend) each time you park. Funds generated by parking meters in Albert Park reserve go towards sporting club grants. Whilst it is an annoyance, a positive is that St Kilda Baseball club has been successful in obtaining funding through these grants, so by paying for your parking you're indirectly supporting the club. Parking fines go to the council, so buy a ticket!